Pavaso Supports Remote Online Notarization in Florida and Idaho

Jan 2, 2020 | Press Releases

Plano, TX – January 2, 2020Pavaso, a leader in digital closing transformation for real estate transactions, is ready to support remote online notarization (RON) in Florida and Idaho effective January 1, 2020, the date state legislation authorizes the practice.  State commissioned remote electronic notaries (eNotaries) can select the Pavaso platform to complete RON eClosings, which gives home buyers and sellers the option to close real estate transactions remotely, from almost anywhere in the world.

Both Florida House Bill 409 and Idaho Senate Bill 1111 were adopted in 2019 to expand eNotary privileges to include RON. In addition to the in-person electronic notarization (IPEN) of digital documents, eNotaries may now electronically notarize (eNotarize) documents from a different location than signers. The process utilizes a secure internet connection and two-way, audio-visual technology to facilitate, document and create a recording of each RON session. When conducting RON transactions, eNotaries must be physically present in the state where they are commissioned but signers can complete the closing from a location of their choice.

Before eNotaries can begin offering RON, they must satisfy state-mandated legal and technical requirements. In Florida, that includes a requirement to utilize an electronic notarization platform that has been approved by the State, which Pavaso has been.

As one of the most utilized digital closing platforms on the market, Pavaso connects all permissible parties in a secure digital environment that simplifies the user experience, promotes collaboration and streamlines the entire closing process. Its security measures incorporate industry best practices, including multi-factor authentication and the automated, secure capture and validation of government-issued photo IDs.

Pavaso’s RON tool empowers lenders and settlement providers to:

  • Provide a solution to customers who are unable to attend their closing in person
  • Maintain control of the transaction by utilizing their own state-commissioned remote eNotaries or use their existing notary network and join as an observer to answer questions
  • Expand their footprint and complete closings anywhere within the state they are commissioned
  • Access executed documents, an audit log and a video recording of the RON session

“Pavaso is focused on creating a best-in-class experience for lenders and settlement providers so they can offer options to their customers who want or need the flexibility to complete their closings from anywhere they choose,” said Jeff Tischler, President of Pavaso. “We have a proven record of facilitating RON transactions, and we are ready to work with and support the growing number of states that have embraced this valuable technology-enabled service.”


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