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Web Closing


An Electronic Closing Platform by Pavaso

From a corner office to the kitchen table, close anywhere with internet access.

Pavaso’s Digital Close application includes a Web Closing feature that allows any device with internet access to perform a fully digital closing, no extra hardware needed.

Closing agents select to perform a web closing within Digital Close and are then guided on how to set up the closing correctly. All individuals, closing agents and notaries verify their presence and readiness to sign. Documents requiring execution show up in order and will highlight where each user needs to sign.

See our Closing solutions and an overview of the closing process with Pavaso in this demo video

Features & Benefits

  • No extra hardware needed. Any laptop, desktop or device with a web-browser can complete a fully digital closing.
  • Confidence that all finished closings are complete and accurate. Closings cannot be completed if documents are missing signatures or notarization.
  • Instant access to all fully executed documents. After the closing, all final documents are available on the Digital Close web application for viewing and storage.
  • Immediately notify all stakeholders when closing is complete. Speed up the entire home closing process by providing every stakeholder with an instant notification.
  • Provide a world-class consumer experience. With easy-to-use technology and active participation, add a positive experience back to the excitement of closing on a home.

Pavaso is just the partner you need to get started in only weeks.

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