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Title Check


Keep your title clear, year after year.

Title Check provides a first of its kind Title monitoring service. Stay in control of your homeownership experience, and have the security in knowing your title is clean, year after year.

Each calendar year, you will get one full title search on your property with a full report of its status, detailing any issues that may have been found. Title Check is an effortless way to know if your property’s title is free and clear.

Title Check helps you...

  • Find out about threats against your title. Regularly ensure that the single biggest investment you will make in your lifetime is monitored and protected.
  • Have peace-of-mind. Gain the assurance that your title is clear and your options are open if you ever choose to sell or refinance.
  • Notifications let you know when action is needed. Updates allow you to stay informed about your specific title, any issues and next steps on how to clear it.
  • Request annual title searches. Easily check your title on a regular basis, ensuring that you know what’s going on behind the scenes.
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