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Title Check


Stay informed on the status of a consumer's home and title.
Title companies can increase revenue and repeat business.

Title Check provides a first of its kind Title monitoring service. Give your clients the ability to stay in control of their homeownership experience, monitor threats against their title, and have the security in knowing their title is clean for years to come.

Each calendar year, consumers will get one full title search on their property with a full report of its status, detailing any issues that may have been found. Title Check is an effortless way to know that the property’s title is free and clear.

Features & Benefits

  • Offer your clients peace-of-mind. Provide your clients assurance that their title is clear and their options are open when they choose to sell or refinance.
  • Know the title status before a transaction. Allowing clients to check their title status before a transaction can provide you insight into what work, if any, will need to be done.
  • Educate consumers with an informative experience. Regular title updates educate the consumer about their title, potential issues they could have and any next steps on how to clear it.

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