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Signing Table


An Electronic Closing Platform by Pavaso

Perform world-class eClosings with eSign and eNotary functionality and much more.

Create a smooth and efficient closing with the Signing Table app that utilizes eSigning and eNotary functionalities to speed up the process, and ensure that the closing is done correctly and completely. Pavaso’s Signing Table app is available on any Windows 8 or 10 touch device.

After the consumer has acknowledged and accepted the closing package documents on Digital Close, they can easily sign once on Signing Table, and input that signature into all accepted documents requiring it. You can also leverage eNotary by allowing the notary to digitally sign and embed a digital seal.

Check out all of Signing Table and Digital Close’s features, benefits and functionality in action in our video demo

Features & Benefits

  • Leverage eSigning to sign multiple documents at once. Provide a quick and enjoyable closing experience for the consumer with the efficiency of eSigning.
  • Utilize eNotary and a digital seals. Modernize the notary process with simple and secure eNotarization.
  • Provide a world-class consumer experience. With easy-to-use technology and active participation, add a positive experience back to the excitement of closing on a home.
  • Confidence that all finished closings are complete and accurate. Closings cannot be completed if documents are missing signatures or notarization.
  • Utilize educational tags on documents. Engage consumers through education, participation and understanding of closing documents and procedures.
  • Wet sign documents if needed. Have the flexibility to print documents for wet signatures and scan them back in for digital viewing and storage.
  • Immediately notify all stakeholders when closing is complete. Speed up the entire home closing process by providing every stakeholder with an instant notification.
  • Instant access to all fully executed documents. After the closing, all final documents are available on the Digital Close web application for viewing and storage.

The Signing Table app is available for download on any Windows 8 or 10 device.

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Pavaso’s Digital Close was a key component of Pavaso’s performance with the CFPB’s eClosing Pilot. Results and key findings of the pilot can be found on the CFPB’s website here.

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