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Sales Contract Negotiator


Creating, negotiating and signing a contract has never been easier.

Communicate between consumers, real estate agents and other service providers to negotiate and sign a contract online. Sales Contract Negotiator guides all parties through the negotiation process to ensure a fully executed contract.

Have the ability to create contract templates, add annotations about portions of the contract, and store all contract amendments throughout the process in one location.

Real estate agents, home sellers and buyers start by creating contracts in any PDF version like normal, and then upload the documents into the app. The agent can then ‘tag’ the document for electronic signatures, noting which individuals need to sign where. As the negotiation process ensues, the app guides all of the parties on next steps and required actions.

Features & Benefits

  • Create complete and accurate documents faster than ever. Save time and ensure consistent and accurate documents by saving contract templates with signature tags.
  • Easily message and contact your clients and agents. Throughout the negotiation process, streamline clear communication between all parties with inclusive document tracking.
  • Highlight and annotate throughout the contract. Have the ability to communicate contract likes and dislikes through highlighting specific portions of the document and inserting annotated notes associated with that highlight.
  • Track all amendments and annotations to the original contract. Organize the negotiation process by keeping all amendments and past annotations in one location.
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