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Pavaso Core


Standard, key functionality for each and every digital real estate transaction.

Pavaso’s end-to-end platform solves real estate challenges by not only improving the home buying experience for consumers, but also simplifying and streamlining all of the business processes associated with buying a home. For each stage of the real estate lifecycle, all of the stakeholders in the transaction are connected through a secure portal that allows for constant communication and collaboration.

The Pavaso platform includes key functionality outside of our various solutions and apps. For every transaction, you’ll have access to My Team, which organizes your contacts and communication for each property, Notifications, which keeps you updated on transaction progress and status, and Closing Forensics, which provides you with a complete audit trail for each transaction.

The Pavaso Ecosystem

My Team

My Team keeps you connected with all other stakeholders throughout the entire real estate transaction. Simply add the stakeholder contacts to your team, and be able to communicate and interact with them throughout the closing process. After the closing, continue contact with customers throughout their homeownership lifecycle.

Real Time Notifications

Pavaso automatically tracks all stakeholder progress and sends real-time notifications to everyone as the transaction progresses. Receive notifications when other stakeholders upload documents and complete document configuration, when consumers review and accept various documents, and when the final closing is completed.

Closing Forensics

Digital Close leverages our Closing Forensics technology to track everything in a digital closing. Closing Forensics logs over 100 pieces of data about the pre-closing and closing, such as how long the closing ceremony lasted, if users viewed educational links, and how long users reviewed a document.

Pavaso is just the partner you need to get started in only weeks.

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