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Pavaso Certified Finder


Connect your clients with technology-driven service providers.

As consumers begin the home buying process, they can use the Pavaso Certified Finder app to easily search for service providers who are already using Pavaso, and decide who they want to work with. They also have the option to invite a service provider to join Pavaso and connect with the transaction.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide effortless connection to digital closers. Simplify the process for consumers by giving them a way to easily choose service providers who can already perform a digital closing.
  • Ensure your clients an efficient and digital closing. Your clients can connect with Pavaso Certified companies, which confirms that they can perform digital closings accurately and efficiently.
  • Align with the CFPB by providing complete consumer choice. Consumers have complete control over whether they use a service provider already using Pavaso, or they can invite any provider to easily become associated with Pavaso.

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