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Mortgage DNA


A revolutionary new way to make smart investing decisions by scoring & evaluating loan accuracy.

Mortgage DNA is a mortgage scoring system based on all aspects of the mortgage process to prove the loan’s accuracy and completeness. Investors can securitize loans, allowing them to find loans at funding that match their exact needs, while having confidence in the accuracy and completeness of each loan.

Features & Benefits

  • Designate a score for loans. Determine and compare the quality of loans with an easy-to-understand scoring system based on the loan’s accuracy and completion.
  • Easily search and qualify loans. Quickly identify and compare loans based on selected criteria.
  • Confidence that loans being purchased are accurate and complete. Only loans with thorough and validated information can earn a legitimate Mortgage DNA score.
  • Provide numerical proof of low-risk loans. Supply credible evidence that your loans are a less risky investment.

Calculation of the mortgage score includes items in the areas of: CFPB compliance, loan origination details, property validation, identity forensics, Closing Forensics via Digital Close (which verifies the closing audit trail, including proof of regulatory and educational requirements), post-closing, and documentation forensics.

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