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Validate an individual’s electronic identity, and gain insight into their network of references.

IDMAXX is a solution for authenticating the electronic identities of individuals in the home buying process and more. IDMAXX allows stakeholders in the home buying process to electronically ensure that individuals are who they say they are.

The platform is based on the secure gathering an individual’s identification, and then verified by collecting references who attest to the individual’s information and character.

Features & Benefits

  • Validate who people are, both electronically and in person. Gain peace-of-mind by spending less time worrying about the validity of members and the potential risks that may be posed.
  • Provide a legitimacy score for individuals. Assess the validity of an identity with an easy-to-understand scoring scale, with the potential to utilize the score for transactions in the future.
  • Substantially diminish the possibility of fraud. Ease your legal mind by avoiding fraud through multiple confirmations of identities in the transaction throughout the process.
  • Provide consistency. Promote reliability of your transactions by comparing and coordinating validated information to all stakeholders through different steps of the process.
  • Visually validate signatures and initials at the closing table. Add an extra layer of security by comparing signatures on closing documents with their IDMAXX profile.
  • Tie the individual who starts the process and stakeholder actions together. Streamline all actions and communication by attaching them to the various tools used by each stakeholder.
  • Consumers have one safe location for all sensitive information. Provide the assurance of the consumer that their information is being protected, and all stakeholders are connected within the same secure portal.

IDMAXX is currently available in public beta. 

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