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The Pavaso platform is a complete, all-in-one digital mortgage closing solution. Our full suite of products makes up the first platform that connects all stakeholders in one, unified solution and delivers everything you need to conduct seamless digital closings in ONE stop. Pavaso was founded with a focus  to improve the mortgage experience for everyone by including lenders, warehouse lenders, title companies, real estate agents, consumers, and investors. Yes, there are other solutions, but only Pavaso brings in every stakeholder, incorporating their knowledge into the process. Our complete solution delivers efficiency and a straightforward homebuying process, one innovation at a time.


Our 100% SMART Doc library facilitates compliant, secure, data-portable loan files through every aspect of the closing. With PavasoDocs, the source data, documents and audit trail are all contained within the documents and travels with them.


Electronically deliver compliant documents needed from early disclosures through to the final closing package. Meet document delivery rules and comply with the 3-day rules for the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure and the entire closing package.

  • Seamless, NPI-secure delivery of documents to all stakeholders
  • Deliver any early disclosures to title partners to approve or request revisions
  • Lenders & Title Companies are automatically notified when the disclosures have been delivered to consumer(s), and when they have acknowledged them

Pavaso eSign

Consumers can sign documents anywhere, anytime from any device. Streamline operations, accelerate the document signing process, improve processes, and sign any one-off documents. All documents executed with Pavaso eSign receive digital certificates and a digital tamper-evident seal for each signature . Gain peace of mind knowing that the document cannot be altered after execution.

  • Set an expiration date for your document as a deadline to execute
  • For multiple signers, easily set up the order of the signers
  • No more missing dates on documents with Automatic date and time stamps upon execution
  • Ability to start signing, save your progress, and continue signing later
  • When working with multiple documents, toggle between them allowing the signer to review them all before signing
  • Signers can easily view, start and complete the signing process from their mobile device, phone, or tablet
  • All actions associated with the setup and signing of a document are tracked in an Audit Log

Digital Close Enterprise

One unified solution to seamlessly conduct complete digital mortgage closings. Save time, maximize efficiency and deliver an accurate, straightforward, better closing experience for everyone.

  • Conduct every piece of a digital mortgage in one, NPI-secure portal
  • Reduce buybacks with error-free closings
  • Maximize compliance with end-to-end audit trails
  • Provide a completely digital closing by notarizing documents online with eNotarization
  • Thrill consumers with a straightforward, transparent closing process
  • Standardized closings
  • Close and fund loans faster
  • Empower the consumer with a complete educational library
  • Save time by eliminating repetitive tasks

Remote Online Notarization

Our inclusive, powerful feature allows notaries the ability to notarize documents electronically, from a separate physical location than the signer. Our RON tool is different. We believe that Pavaso Certified Settlement Providers are vital to the closing, and we want to keep them in the driver’s seat! Maintain control of the closing from beginning to end – after all, notarization is just an addition to what you already do!

  • Complete the entire closing session remotely, including notarizations
  • Settlement providers maintain control of the signing process and stay in front of consumers
  • Trust experienced closing agents to remotely close
  • Faster, easier connection process for consumers

Pavaso SMART Note

Pavaso generates compliant, tamper-sealed SMART Doc eNotes that are registered with MERS® eRegistry upon execution.

  • Execute full eNotes and deliver to an eVault, regardless of your Doc Prep provider
  • Authenticate accuracy with one unique, authoritative copy of documents
  • Validate actions with an improved audit trail and increased collateral control

Pavaso eVault

Improve your workflow and efficiencies with a truly paperless process that incorporates seamless automated eVaulting capabilities. The Pavaso eVault makes it easier to securely, confidently and efficiently deliver eNotes to investors.

  • Data and documents are securely sealed and delivered to MERS® for registration
  • MERS® registers the authoritative copy and delivers the final doc package to the investor, funder, or electronic document custodian
  • The final document package is securely stored in the eVault and can be viewed at any time


Pavaso is using the latest technologies to secure data for the life of the loan and title processing. The final barrier to achieving a completely end-to-end digital closing has been solved by Pavaso who is engaging with all stakeholders in the mortgage transaction to enable an electronic exchange of data and documents which can be audited and tracked.

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